From principal dancer to creating Zarely, Mateo Klemmeyer shares how he created the beautiful dance wear brand

Iana Salenko for Zarely, photo by Pickled Thoughts Photography

Zarely is the gorgeous dance wear company founded by former ballet dancer Mateo Klemmeyer.

After a stellar career on stage, Mateo is now a hugely successful serial entrepreneur, who owns 4 companies across manufacturing and the arts industries, turning over more than $15million and employing 130 people.

Mateo shares how he went from dancing on stage to creating multi-million dollar companies and building the most beautiful dance wear brand worn by famous ballerinas around the world.

Zarely dance wear includes tights, tops, leggings and active wear for both men and women, made by high end fabrics and uber cool designs.

Check out to see the fabulous range inspired by Iana Salenko, Sonia Rodriguez, Maia Makhateli and more.

You can also watch the video interview with Mateo.