Subhash Gorania, dancer, choreographer & Artistic Director of Morph Dance Company

Subhash Viman: Classic Encounters

In this podcast, we’re joined by Subhash Gorania, a cutting-edge, British choreographer and dancer and Artistic Director of Morph Dance Company.

Subhash creates works that blends Indian classical dance, hip-hop and contemporary dance and has a very unexpected dance story.

At the age of 23, Subhash was stacking tins in the supermarket (after having to drop out of uni after being injured), when he noticed a flyer for a hip-hop class, and without any previous dance experience decided to give it go. Instantly he fell in love with dance and one class a week became two, then three and this led to a professional dance career, creating his own work and establishing his own company.

Listen to Subhash tell his inspiring story ahead of the world premiere of his first full length work ‘Classic Encounters‘ hitting the stage on 15 and 23 October.