Choreographer Ben Wright on touring Point of Echoes in rural communities across the UK

Points of Echo production. Photo by Ed Collier

Choreographer Ben Wright’s personal journey reads like a real-life Billy Elliot. Growing up he experienced bullying at school for not being the sporty type and he incredibly only started to learn to dance at the age of 19, after being spotted and nurtured into an accomplished dancer.

Ben has most famously danced the lead role as the Prince in Matthew Bourne’s male Swan Lake. He’s danced with UK’s leading contemporary dance companies, went on to form his own company bgroup, he’s choreographed dance, theatre and opera and was the Associate Director of Sk√•nes Dansteater in Sweden for three years.

Listen to Ben share his journey that’s brought him back home to tour his new work Point of Echoes in rural communities throughout the UK.

Point of Echoes is on tour until 19 March – you can get your tickets here.