Audition Educator – a new course on Dance Auditions from SemperOper Ballett’s Becca Haw

I am so excited to announce the official launch of the Audition Educator! For the past few months (and many years prior) I have been working on fixing a major gap in our industry regarding audition education. I have always felt a lack of guidance for dancers taking on this crucial aspect of our professional lives, whether that’s in school or re-auditioning as a  professional.  

These courses are a culmination of my 8 years experience in the professional classical industry. I  have collected statistics from dancers revealing exactly what I thought to be true, 85% of dancers said they didn’t have enough guidance when auditioning, with 46% saying they found it slightly terrifying and anxiety-inducing and 16% saying if they had to do it again they would avoid it at all costs. With my own experiences and the statistics I have gathered, I have addressed every major pain point dancers face during their audition processes.  

I am particularly proud of my ‘Expert Email List’ a database of over 70 company emails from across the globe addressing the issue of not having any contacts which 46% of dancers said was the area they were most lacking in.  

Becca Haw. Photo by Natalie Johnson-Rolley
Becca Haw. Photo by Natalie Johnson-Rolley

The main event is my 6-week live Audition Educator Course available in group form and 1:1 for a  more private tailored experience. Over the 6 weeks, we cover everything from what exactly to put on your Curriculum Vitae, how to hold the director’s attention with your application, how to film your audition videos, to company research, how to book your audition trips keeping costs low, travel tips for auditioning, to where to stand on the barre, what you should be prepared for and how to read contracts. It really is jam-packed!  

The 6-week live course comes with downloadable files and aids appropriate to each module,  lifetime access to the private Facebook group ‘CODA Auditions Hub’ where auditionees will find audition postings, more contacts and live Q&As, and access to the Expert Email List free of charge.  

More information on all the courses can be found on my website along with more statistics, testimonials and modules covered.  

My mission, with my own experiences in auditioning, these statistics and with special advisement, I aim to carve a far more pleasant path for dancers in our industry to find employment. This is just the beginning of improving our industry endeavours but it’s a damn good start.  


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Disclaimer: I have not exploited or divulged any of my personal professional contacts I have built over my career.