Lauren Lovette, New York City Ballet Principal talks candidly about ballet life

Lauren Lovette, New York City Ballet Principal

Lauren Lovette is lovely. Not only is she an inspirational dancer with an enviable ballet career, a massive social media following and is an upcoming choreographer, but she’s genuinely a lovely lovely person.

In this podcast episode, Lauren talks about being homeschooled before her natural talent being discovered in a local ballet store and receiving a life changing scholarship that led her to The School of American Ballet in NYC. She reveals the jobs she had throughout her time at SAB to help pay for her pointe shoes and NYC living.

Lauren also talks candidly and emotionally about her experience of graduating from SAB and seeing classmates becoming apprentices with New York City Ballet, but finding she wasn’t giving a position.

This crucial moment almost led Lauren to quit ballet altogether, but instead steered her to a new opportunity that has helped shape her career and inspired her budding choreographic career.

Listen to Lauren talk about her love for dancing in the corps and the many masks she wore on stage, life as a soloist and her favourite roles, but also the disappointment of achieving principal while being laid up on a sofa with an injury.

Lauren also reveals the inspiration for her new work, For Clara, a true love story with a dark twist. As an upcoming choreographer, Lauren humbly talks about her inspirations, the challenges as a dancer, the difficulties she’s overcome and her words of advice for other dancers dreaming of following in her pointe steps!