KAORI – an expressive combination of media art and dance

Kaori. Directed by Eyup Kuş

New media is everywhere. And in this exciting age of media convergence, director Eyup Kus reveals further cross-media elements of the narrative. Respectively, his film, “KAORI”, is an expressive combination of media art and dance: Captured by a depth filmmaking technique, Paris based dancer and choreographer Kaori Ito dances for her life, while the animated 3D-world comes crumbling down around her. Ito’s body language reflects movement, courage and progress, while internationally renowned sound artist and singer Matthew Dear worries about “everyone on the run”.

Put your headphones on and enjoy it.

Danseuse: Kaori Ito
Director & Concept: Eyup Kuş
Music: Matthew Dear

In loving memory of Harald Weinberger.