International Arts Collective invites you to join a free class and donate with all proceeds going to Grassroots Law

International Arts Collective x Grassroots Law

International Arts Collective is a collective of dancers and musicians dedicated to generating a positive change through performance art. Since its founding in 2015 IAC and its artists have supported human rights charities and continue to be activists for equality.

Artistic Director Rose Alice and an eclectic roster of professional artists from around the globe are offering free classes in all genres via the @internationalartscollective Instagram page and ask that people contribute what they would normally pay for a dance, yoga or fitness class to this fund where all proceeds will go to Grassroots Law.

Grassroots Law is an organisation dedicated to providing counsel for protestors and minorities who are unable to afford representation. The behaviour of law enforcement and lack of regard for human life is astonishing.

“We are committed to doing everything in our power to support those in need and to educate and raise awareness to those who can do more on their part to eradicate systemic and institutionalised racism.”

International Arts Collective invites you to join in for one of their classes ranging from mental health seminars, fitness, classical ballet, contemporary, musical theatre and more in an attempt to generate a much-needed change for our planet.

You can donate here! No contribution of knowledge, awareness or financial support is too small.