Rose Alice, dancer & choreographer brings together fashion, film, dance with the International Arts Collective

Rose Alice. Photo by by Nik Pate.

In this podcast, Australian born Rose Alice – ballet dancer, choreographer and Artistic Director of the International Arts Collective – shares her experience of forging her own path as a successful and inspiring freelance artist.

Trained at prestigious ballet schools that includes the École de Danse Classique in France and Basel Theatre Ballet School, Rose Alice was a finalist at the distinguished Prix de Lausanne.

Rose Alice. Photo by by Nik Pate.
Rose Alice. Photo by Nik Pate.

After moving to the UK, Rose Alice has been defining her own dance career which has seen her voice as a choreographer lead her to working with world-famous artists and brands (Tiffany & Co for example) across the world.

Each and every artist of International Arts Collective has an undeniable talent/ability that cannot be defined by a specific country, race or culture. To say that our artists are unapologetically original is an understatement. To celebrate individuality through unity and collaboration is our biggest asset, to generate a positive change within the performance industry and our society whilst doing so is a humbling gift.

Listen to Rose Alice talk about the creating projects that bring together ballet, fashion, DJs and film. She also gives us an insight into her experience of founding the International Arts Collective, how choreographing work for film and stage differs, and how she is inspiring the next generation of dancers.