The Wonderful World of Dance – Act III

We’re super thrilled to launch the 3rd edition of The Wonderful World of Dance Magazine, featuring the icon Sergei Polunin, photographed by Rankin, on the cover.

We’re so honoured to hear our magazine called “The most beautiful dance magazine in the world!”

“The Vogue of Dance and Ballet” – BBC London Radio

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We are honoured to have the iconic Sergei Polunin, photographed by Rankin, on our third cover!

In this edition we feature:

  • Sergei Polunin
  • Carlos Acosta
  • Irina Kolesnikova, St Petersburg Ballet
  • Edward Watson, The Royal Ballet
  • Alena Kovaleva, Bolshoi Ballet
  • Tina Pereira, The National Ballet of Canada
  • Sophie Martin, Scottish Ballet
  • Daniel McCormick, English National Ballet
  • Mary Carmen Catoya, Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida
  • Ekaterina Mosienko, Bolshoi Ballet Academy
  • Christina Riley, Dance Photographer
  • Hottest Dance Wear
  • Fashion
  • Dance Beauty
  • Latest Dance Books
  • Dance Travel Guides
  • Dance Podcasts

Our Dance Travel Guides to Rio de Janeiro and Scotland showcasing where to go, where to eat and drink and what dance to see and do!

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