Water Bodies – support a digital-dance performance

Water Bodies - digital-dance performance

Water Bodies is a collaborative digital-dance performance with social change at its heart. The team of 2 filmmakers and 2 dancers working together to make a multi-media performance, in response to their love and ever-growing concern for our oceans.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that we all need to put more care into preserving our beautiful seas. But it is so easy to ignore an underwater world we rarely see. How many sea creatures have you met today? How many frothy waves have you jumped over?

But most of us do know how it sounds when the waves crash against the rocks. We understand the feeling of the salt spray on our skin and the warm sand under our feet.

Water Bodies is a performance using a unique blend of dance, theatre, film, digital effects and live camera feed to re-connect the audience to everything ocean.

Compelling visuals and dance immerse the audience in a sensory experience of shared seaside memories, against a backdrop of concern for our seas and sea-life.

In Water Bodies, the wild freedom of the sea and the serene beauty of an underwater world clash with plastics and ignorance, in a fusion of water visuals and corporal dance-theatre.

Water Bodies is a reminder of both the ocean’s beauty and its fragility. It is both charmingly nostalgic and a stark warning of what it means to disregard our planet.

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