Vamos Cuba! “crowd pleasing sizzling entertainment”

Vamos Cuba! at the Peacock

Vamos Cuba! returns to London bringing the feel good, colourful and sassy show to the Peacock Theatre for a fun evening of cheeky and comically characters loved by the audience.

Set in an Havana airport departure lounge, the dynamic cast bursts onto the stage as a fun clichéd group of travellers that get stuck together when their flight is indefinitely cancelled. There’s a pregnant woman, a priest, the sexy one, the gay guy, the starlet, the rich one, a pair of naive tourists, a guy with a guitar, and a female elite doctor who falls in love with the charismatic airport janitor who could only ever dream of taking flight.

The dancers create distinctly flamboyant characters that you immediately fall in love with – they’re just as endearing as they are entertaining. The Cuban choreography showcases the cha cha cha, salsa latin moves performed joyfully, creating an uplifting atmosphere.


With incredible live singers and a superb accompanying band, their vocal and acoustic performance elevated the show and gave it some Cuban soul, that offset the humour and light narrative elements. The cast brought the stage to life with their infectious enthusiasm and well performed mambo-esq and bolero inspired Cuban cabaret scenes that filled the theatre with wild applause.

All in all a sweet, innocent evening filled with sequins, drama and overflowing happiness that makes you wish that if ever stranded in an airport, that these characters are there to keep you entertained!

Reviewed on 25 October, Peacock Theatre, London.