The Female Dancer founder gives advice and opportunities for freelance dancers

Darley Dance Company

Often dancers grow up wanting a career with a top ballet or dance company, but for many as they grow older this either becomes unattainable or undesirable.

However, this doesn’t have to be the end of the road for a dancer. There are so many different options in the dance world that gives dancers a career in dance that they love and fulfill them both creatively and financially.

In this podcast episode, we explore the life and opportunities for freelance dancers with Abbi Burns, founder of a website dedicated to providing information and support for freelance dancers, called The Female Dancer.

Abbi is also the founder and artistic director of dance company Darley Dance, which employs freelance dancers to perform at a wide range of events.

Abbi gives us an insight into the life of a freelance dancer, the types of dancers she looks for to join her company and the information available through The Female Dancer.

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