Rambert School offers inspiration to dance professionals by launching innovative MA in Dance Research

Rambert Dance School

In its centenary year Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance is launching its first MA in Dance Research that will allow dance professionals across the world to deepen their understanding of and curiosity for their art form. The part-time MA programme is subject to validation by the University of Kent with applications opening later this month.

For 100 years Rambert School has been a centre of excellence for dance training with graduates occupying places across the dance world as leading choreographers, dancers and artists in some of the world’s most renowned companies. Today Rambert School continues to honour its founding principles of innovation, creativity and individuality with this new postgraduate degree.

Launching at a time when much of the dance sector has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Rambert School hopes that this programme inspires dance professionals to continue to engage, learn and develop their interest in dance and help advance their professional development.

Amanda Britton, Principal and Artistic Director of Rambert School said:I am hugely excited that Rambert School is launching this new research-focused MA programme.  Dance professionals engage in reflection and research on an ongoing basis, but they may need to develop the confidence to place their high-level thinking into an academic or theoretical framework. This programme is designed to allow practitioners, who may have spent their professional lives immersed in dance practice, to engage in practice-led enquiry and to begin to take ownership of their academic identity.’ 

Rambert School. Photo by Nicole Guarino Photography
Rambert School. Photo by Nicole Guarino Photography

Rambert School believes that dance professionals should not only have a deep physical knowledge of dance but also have the opportunity to broaden their understanding and impact of their practice.

Designed to embrace a wide range of interests, this postgraduate programme offers bespoke learning and professional opportunities based on students’ individual practice. Taught in the form of a Masters in Research the programme integrates students’ own practice with research into the artistic, cultural, social and political implications of dance performance and practice.

Throughout the duration of this two-year programme, students will have access to Rambert School’s leading artists and highly respected academics. The programme embraces the principles of flexible study, allowing students to continue learning through virtual means when the need arises. It will include a combination of research-led taught modules, supervised project work and a final independent research project, allowing students to develop their analytic, critical and research skills as well as deepening their professional practice.

The launch of Rambert School’s MA in Dance Research is a further example of its commitment to providing innovative and accessible dance training. In 2018 it launched Rambert2, a collaboration with Rambert that delivers a one-year MA in Professional Dance Performance.