Principal dancer Marijn Rademaker on dancing with Diana Vishneva in Sleeping Beauty Dreams

Diana Vishneva and Marijn Rademaker. Photo by Eugenii Vasiliev

Performing alongside ballet stars Diana Vishneva and Mi Deng is a former Dutch National Ballet principal dancer Marijn Rademaker, in the high-tech twist on a classic, ‘Sleeping Beauty Dreams’

Sleeping Beauty Dreams creates a visual spectacular by mixing contemporary dance, art, technology and electronic music to explore the dreams of Sleeping Beauty during her 100 year slumber.

Marijn Rademaker – who stepped down as a principal from the Dutch National Ballet as a result of a chronic knee injury – tells us about his role of the Prince, the impact of technology on dance, working with Diana Vishneva and more!

What inspired you to take on the role of the Prince this new reimagined production?

Edward [choreographer Edward Clug] called me one week after I told him I was going to freelance. Somehow this was meant to happen. Edward and I had worked already together in Stuttgart a few times. I love him and his work a lot. The idea of Sleeping Beauty Dreams is great and I was very intrigued. And of course, dancing with Diana…It had always been a dream, so this was my chance!

Also creating something unique, something that has never been done before was a big selling point for me. Edward asked me to assist him too, and I thought I could learn a lot from that. And I did!

What has been the most exciting element of creating the role?

Creating something new is always something I love. If it’s a new ballet or a role. It’s non-existing. One creates from zero. So, it’s beautiful to form and see a role come to life.

How has the use of technology and electronic music in this production influenced your performance?

It hasn’t really influenced my performance a lot because my role as a Prince doesn’t interact a lot with the screen or avatars behind me. One tricky thing though is partnering the Princess with all the sensors on her body. You can’t just hold her anywhere and god forbid you turn one off!

Dancing to fellow Dutchman Thijs [Thijs de Vlieger] music is great. We rarely get to dance on this kind of amazing electronic music. The album is coming out soon!

What has been the most challenging aspect preparing for the performance?

The most challenging has been using the technology in a way that complements the story and message, and not allowing it to take over. I think for this to be a part of the future in dance, we need to bear in mind that it’s always about art. About emotions and feelings.

How does this Prince compare to the traditional classical Sleeping Beauty?

This Prince is nothing like the traditional one 🙂  I see my role as the Prince as such: he is in her head, one could see him as her conscience or as her positivity, her way out from her demons. So I as the Prince, actually do not exist.

You’re dancing with world-famous ballet stars Diana Vishneva, how does it feel to dance with her?

It’s extremely special to dance with her because we connect intuitively. Every performance is different. I feel like we speak to each other with our eyes on stage and react to that. Like a real conversation. She is a force of nature and I’m so happy I get to experience this with her.

What are you looking forward to most about the tour?

Exploring the ballet more and more and showing America something that is about all of us. We all have doubts and fears and have to deal with it. And find a way out 🙂

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