Illuminati secret society, mind control & brainwashed pop stars inspired Rosie Kay Dance Company

Rosie Kay Dance Company - Shelley Eva Haden in MK ULTRA - photography by Brian Slater

Illuminati – according to conspiracy theorists – is a secret society of wealthy people hell bent on world domination. The Illuminati are said to brainwash celebrities to spread their mind control to the masses using symbols like the pyramid, eye and skulls.

Rosie Kay, Artistic Director & Choreographer of her award-winning contemporary dance company – Rosie Kay Dance Company – has studied the secret society and turned it into the hot new show ‘MK Ultra‘.

Listen to Rosie Kay talk about the Illuminati, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber and how she choreographed MK Ultra.

Rosie is also an advocate of women in the arts. She shares her experience as a female artistic director and choreographer in the dance world today and the importance of the female voice in dance and choreography.

MK Ultra is touring the UK from 17 March, you can get your tickets to this pop-inspired show at

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