Let’s talk about dancers’ mental health with former Royal Ballet dancer & dance counsellor

Photo by Ahmad Odeh

In this podcast episode we discuss the important subject of dancer mental health and wellbeing, with former Royal Ballet dancer and dance counsellor Terry Hyde.

Former Royal Ballet dancer and counsellor Terry Hyde

We shine a light on the challenges faced by dancers, including depression, injury, rejection, confidence, and performance anxiety. Terry talks about his own dance career and how his unique perspective helps him help other dancers.

It is essential that mental health and wellbeing is talked about within the dance industry; between dancers, and their companies or schools, and their friends and colleagues.

Terry discusses some of the symptoms that dancers may experience, including feeling low, wanting to be alone, and not wanting to talk about their feelings with others.

Listen to Terry talk about how counselling can help dancers through these difficult periods so they can go on to enjoy fulfilling careers. He also explores the challenges faced by dancers and their sense of identity when their dance careers come to an end.

If you’re experiencing or are interested in dancer mental health issues, Terry recommends talking about your feelings, asking for support and reaching out. You can learn more at counsellingfordancers.com


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