Contemporary dancer & choreographer, Alice Robinson, on her move from Sydney to London and premiering her first full-length immersive show

Alice Robinson

The decision for any dancer or creator to move from their hometown to the big city, whether across the country or to the other side of the world, is often a daunting and exciting prospect. It’s not just the actual relocation or the unknown, but there’s also the challenge of finding a place and success within a new, larger dance scene.

In this podcast, Australian contemporary dancer and choreographer Alice Robinson shares her journey from Australia to London and premiering her first full-length immersive show ‘Does It Matter In the Dark‘ in the capital. 

As a freelance artist, Alice has worked and toured, both as a dancer and creator, across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. She then decided to head to the big smoke of London, where she has found a space for her creativity and has built a community over the last year to create Does It Matter In The Dark.

Alice shares her insights into freelance life; the highs, the joy and the challenges. She also shares her creative process that led to the ‘choose your own adventure, immersive experience’ that audiences can expect in her new work.

Does It Matter In The Dark premieres on 2 November (Sold Out Show!) and 3 November (just a few remaining tickets) at Onyx Dance Studio, London. For tickets email Alice directly: 

Watch the trailer! Follow Alice on Instagram: @alicerobinson_


Alice Robinson
Alice Robinson