Complexions Contemporary Ballet co-Founder, co-Artistic Director & Choreographer Dwight Rhoden

Complexions Ballet - Maxfield Haynes & Larissa Gerszke - WOKE. Photo by Steven Trumon Gray

In this podcast, Dwight Rhoden, Complexions Contemporary Ballet co-Founder, co-Artistic Director and Choreographer, talks about his dance career that kicked off at the late age of 17 and led him to become a principal dancer with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, before setting up his own company.

Together with the legendary Desmond Richardson, they founded the groundbreaking and award-winning Complexions Contemporary Ballet in 1994. Listen to Dwight share his journey from dancer to choreographer and creating over 60 works for Complexions and other top companies around the world.

Dwight also gives us an insight into his role as Artistic Director, and what type of dancer he looks for to join the company. Through his work with Complexions Contemporary Ballet Education Initiatives, Dwight aims to inspire nextgen dancers and he shares with us his words of advice to help dancers succeed.

New York-based Complexions is heading on tour across Germany, and Dwight has a full roster of new and remounted work with the Atlanta Ballet – Heart/Beat that features live gospel music, Pittsburg Ballet with Simon Says to music by Paul Simon and new work with the West Australian Ballet. Check out dates and location here.



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Dwight Rhoden
Dwight Rhoden
Complexions Ballet's Jared Brunson & Daniela O'Neil - THEGINGERB3ARDMEN
Complexions Ballet’s Jared Brunson & Daniela O’Neil – THEGINGERB3ARDMEN