Bridesmen’s ‘Overwhelm’ – stunning choreography showcasing a hybrid of music and dance

Screen capture from Bridesmen - Overwhelm

Bridesmen is Los Angeles based Kenton Chen, an indie neo-soul, R&B singer/songwriter who has set out to encourage others to find power within themselves and use compassion to enact change.

The root of the new project Bridesmen, is an outlet for Chen to convey the artistic side of himself, unrelated to other people. With a running theme of expressing individual freedom and responsibility, the singer narrates the emotions of loneliness and the effect it can have on people.

The stunning visuals for ‘Overwhelm’ showcases a dancer interpreting the song’s narrative through movement. Chen confides, “By letting them actually express themselves, I am setting my emotions free. I can learn to love the naive child and also the jaded guardian, recognize how important they are, as they guide me through The Overwhelm”.

The song is about the battle we have with our emotions and the highlight of this video is the stunning choreography showcasing a hybrid of music and dance. As a gay Asian second-generation immigrant, Chen grew up feeling isolated, constantly hiding behind masks to protect himself. In Bridesmen, he aspires to uncover these masks in an effort to live a boundless and truthful life.