American Ballet Theatre premieres ‘The Ritual’ choreographed by Soloist Gabe Stone Shayer

The Ritual, created by American Ballet Theatre Soloist Gabe Stone Shayer, will premiere on Sunday, December 13 at 7:30pm, as part of Lincoln Center at Home.

Set to Góða Tungl recorded by Samaris, The Ritual represents the last movement of a larger work Shayer choreographed over the summer of 2020. Describing the work, Shayer explained:

The Ritual  represents human discovery. Performing at Lincoln Center in a different capacity was a manifestation of how we all need to find a new way to move forward. It was sort of an exploration of a familiar place that we often call home.” 

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Filmed on the Lincoln Center campus in September of this year, The Ritual is performed by Shayer and ABT Principal Dancer Cassandra Trenary.

The work will premiere digitally on Lincoln Center at Home and American Ballet Theatre’s YouTube channel. 

The Ritual, created and filmed under strict COVID-19 safety protocols, is part of Lincoln Center at Home, activating Lincoln Center’s outdoor campus with small-scale performances, arts and civic  engagements, and more. 

Featured image: Gabe Stone Shayer and Cassandra Trenary. Photo: Christopher Jones.