Akram Khan, critically acclaimed choreographer celebrates 20 Year Anniversary of Akram Khan Company

Akram Khan Company - XENOS by Jean-Louis Fernandez

Akram Khan MBE is without doubt one of the most innovative and important choreographers of our time. He has created some of the most profound and moving works over the last 20 years of Akram Khan Company, a company he founded with Farooq Chaudry.

In this podcast, Akram talks about his experience of lockdown that led to feelings of depression, caused by the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. He gives us an insight into how he began creating again and collaborating on their 20th celebration programme The Silent Burn Project.

Akram looks back over his dance career; from his dance training in Kathak South Asian classical dance and contemporary dance, to the influences and inspirations that led to him choreographing works that tell stories which critically address subjects ranging from power, oppression and racism.

Listen to Akram talk about his approach to creating new works, his process of working with his visual, musical and design collaborators and dancers when he goes in the studio.

In this intimate discussion, Akram reflects on his career highlights, on working with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Antony Gormley, prima ballerina Sylvie Guillem CBE, creating Giselle with English National Ballet, and his hotly anticipated premiere of ENB’s Creature which has been delayed due to coronavirus. We also talk about his creations; Dust, Until the Lions, Xenos, DESH and more.

As we delve into Akram Khan Company, Akram gives a glimpse of what to expect from The Silent Burn Project, which features world famous prima ballerina Misty Copeland, plus dance short films, debates and more exciting content to celebrate the last two decades of this astounding company.

The Silent Burn Project premieres worldwide for FREE via livestream on the company’s website, YouTube channel and Facebook Live on 4 October 2020 at midday UK time.



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