Modern Dance Photography Project by Anil Bolukbas: Dancer Johnny

Yao Jipeng, Dancer Johnny. Photo by Anil Bolukbas

I think everyone would agree that dancing is one of the most beautiful arts. Perhaps, this is a reason why dance photography is so striking and unique and so incredibly popular.

A new interesting dance photography project has been created by photographer Anil Bolukbas and Chinese modern dancer Yao Jipeng.

Anil is a photographer Born in Istanbul in 1990 and has been living in China since 2011. When he was in high school he became passionate about photography, which now is his full-time profession. After graduating bachelor of engineering in China, he became more and more interested in portrait photography.

“I like photographing people in different ways, which they can’t imagine. I never focus on capture the beauty, I always try to reach the creativity” Anil says.  

Yao Jipeng is a modern dancer from China. He started to undergo professional training for folk dance at the age of 10 and graduated from Jiangsu Traditional Opera Academy. He received numerous dance awards and continues to follow his passion.

“I could never spend a single day without dancing. It has always been an honor to be on stage. Nothing feels better than being under the spotlight, in front of audiences.”

Together they have produced this interesting and arresting dance photography project and it’s great to see modern dance being captured from such a unique view.