One Dance UK launches unique exhibition to celebrate Great Women in Dance

Marie Rambert and Sally Gilmour during a Ballet Rambert rehearsal, 1943, photo: © IWM (D 14038) / Ministry of Information Photo Division

One Dance UK is holding an exclusive photography exhibition ‘Beyond Borders – Great Women in Dance’.

From some of the UK’s most renowned dance companies to freelance dance artists across all genres of the artform, the significant influence of international artists is an integral part of the UK’s cultural fabric. Amongst them, two of the UK’s national dance companies which were founded by female immigrants – The Royal Ballet companies by Ireland’s Ninette de Valois, and Rambert by Poland’s Marie Rambert.

This photographic exhibition, displayed in the 12 Star Gallery at Europe House, celebrates the creativity and cultural diversity that is the hallmark of the European Union, and marks the rich cultural exchange between the UK, Europe and the rest of the world during a significant time of change in the UK’s relationship with its neighbours and highlights the importance of international cultural exchange to the health of the dance sector.

A special collection of works not to be missed.

The exhibition runs until February 15 and the gallery is open from 10am-6pm, Monday to Friday and is located at 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU.  

The exhibition is organised by One Dance UK with the kind support of Jane Pritchard, John Travis and the European Commission Representation in the UK. Photography drawn from the collection of John Travis and the BBO Dance collection.

Margot Fonteyn - Beyond-Borders, Great Women In Dance
Margot Fonteyn – Beyond-Borders, Great Women In Dance