Dancers captured in beautiful slow motion by photographer Niv Novak

Photo by Niv Novak

Leading Australian dancers across ballet, contemporary and break dance collaborated to capture a dance moment-in-time like never before.

Together the dancers and photographer Niv Novak created a visual feast of movement and light, showing dance in ultra-slow motion, ultra-high-definition video.

This unique concept was a labour of  love for Niv Novak, who explains:

“The decisive moment of a dance ‘extension’ is a wondrous sight but it’s over in an instant. What if this instant in time could be extended or elongated? extension was born of this idea.”

The Australian Ballet’s Principal Artist, Chengwu Guo, who volunteered his time said:

“High-speed dance motion can be missed with a blink of an eye, this is the beauty of extension – every detail of even the fastest jump is suspended to be observed, it’s mesmerising.”





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