Maya Pindar

Maya Pindar is a London-based freelance dance writer. While studying BA Dance Studies at University of Roehampton, Maya realised she enjoyed writing about dance as much as dancing itself!

After launching The Insanity In Dancing, Maya was accepted as a young critic onto The Place’s Resolution Review 2016, where she was mentored by the Guardian’s Lyndsey Winship, Graham Watts, Donald Hutera, Sanjoy Roy and Josephine Leask.

From here, Maya began regularly publishing reviews, articles and interviews for dance artists including BalletBoyz, Tavaziva Dance, Vincent Dance Theatre, Hagit Yakira, Shaun Dillon Dance, and Feet Off The Ground Dance, amongst others; whilst working full-time at bbodance’s head office in London.

Maya also recently completed her Masters in Social Anthropology from University of Cambridge. Ultimately,

Maya is keen to make dance accessible to everyone. By marrying her love of dance and writing, she hopes to make dance available to everyone and anyone, no matter what background they come from.