Choreographer Mark Bruce on his new adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Mark Bruce Company - Macbeth. Photo by Nicole Guarino

Multi-award-winning Mark Bruce Company will be touring UK with a new stunning dance theatre adaptation of Shakespeare’s dark tragedy Macbeth.

With a cast of nine dancers and designed by the creative team behind Dracula and The Odyssey, this production is set to be one of 2018’s must-watch shows.

Choreographer Mark Bruce gives us an insight into the creative process and inspirations for Macbeth: 

What should the audience expect from your new adaptation of Macbeth
An intense and moving experience, disturbing, beautiful and tragic.

Shakespeare is not an easy topic do deal with. What was the biggest challenge you encountered during the creative process? 
One must have attention to every detail, every nuance, every accent; something I have really enjoyed. The dancers have to be absolutely accurate and constant.

How did the creative team manage to convey the atmosphere of madness that characterises Macbeth
We have approached it from all angles – from individual performances – dance and drama; music, symbolism and all design elements. Like the play – the world we have created represents what is inside the protagonists.

Some of your works and commissions were inspired by ancient Greek tragedies. Why are you particularly intrigued by those works? Do you find any affinities with the present time? 
There are fundamental unchanging truths in Greek tragedy – I find the archetypal is a constant presence in us all. The structure and theatrical methods of Greek tragedies marries with dance theatre – especially in its transcending of narrative.

How do you see dance as a vehicle to talk about our time? 
I don’t think as human beings we have changed much – what drives us, what we deal with – this is why plays such as Macbeth will always be relevant.

Mark Bruce artistic director of Mark Bruce Company

You have been working as choreographer for 25 years. How has your dance vocabulary changed over the time? 
It is constantly evolving. Every production demands something different.

What do you look for when selecting dancers for your company? 
I look for a strong contemporary and classical technique; dramatic ability, and something special that inspires me.

See Macbeth at the Wilton’s Music Hall in London from 23 February to 17 March, or in a theatre near you across the, check out the UK Tour Dates.